Requirement to Surrender Taxes:

Debtors are required to submit tax returns and tax refund checks for the year their case was filed, as well as any refunds for previous years received after the petition date.  This is a requirement for all bankruptcies. There are no exceptions. Failure to turn over tax returns and refunds could result in a loss of your discharge.

Submitting Taxes:

Taxes may be submitted to the office via the email address specifically designated for tax returns, by mail, or the drop box located outside of our office. Please note, there is no confirmation of receipt given at the office. Please use certified mail if you require a receipt.  If electing to mail your documents to the office, we strongly encourage you to use certified mail or some sort of tracking.  Any loss or delivery failure by the postal system is not the responsibility of our office.

The email for submission of taxes is Your email must contain your case number in the subject line in order to be reviewed. Emails without correct case numbers in the subject line will be automatically deleted and not reviewed or accepted.

Status of Taxes:

Under no circumstances will the office staff or the trustee discuss a bankruptcy case over the phone. All tax returns, questions, and responses to trustee communication must be received in writing (by email through the designated tax email, mail, or drop box). All correspondence must have the case number in the subject line to be considered received. Voicemail messages left about tax returns will not be returned.  The status of tax documents received can be found at the link below. You will need your case number to verify the information applicable to your case.

Tax Submission Info