Meetings of Creditors (341 Hearings)


341 Hearings are held at the Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse, located at  230 N 1st Ave #101, Phoenix, AZ 85003.  Upon receiving a bankruptcy case, the Trustee’s Office will email the debtor attorney a letter requesting documents (pro se debtors receive this packet via USPS mail).  It is the responsibility of the debtor and the debtor attorney to provide the requested documents to the office no later than 5 business days prior to the hearing.  Failure to timely submit documents may result in a continued hearing so that the Trustee has time to thoroughly review the documents.  Failure to submit any documents will result in a dismissal action in the case.  A link to the letter is provided below.  

 Trustee Demand Letter for 341 Documents 

Submitting Documents

Documents can be submitted by email, fax, mail or dropbox.  If using the mail or drop box, Please do NOT use fasteners or dividers on any documents sent to the Trustee’s office (staples, paperclips, binder clips, page dividers, tabs, sticky notes, tape, etc.)! All documents are scanned and shredded upon receipt, and this slows down the process.  Do not send original documents (i.e. Deeds, vehicle registrations, etc.).  All documents received are shredded and are not able to be returned to the sender.

Hearing Date and Times

Hearings are held in 30-minute blocks, starting at 8:30 am on each hearing date.  Arrive at least 10 minutes early to your scheduled hearing. Hearing dates, times and locations are set by the US Bankruptcy Court and may not be changed for any reason other than documented incapacitation or incarceration.  Any request for hearing changes must be received in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the hearing. Supporting documentation, as well as all documents requested by the Trustee, must be provided with the request to be considered.

Dismissal Hearings/Other Hearings

If the trustee has filed a Motion for a Dismissal Hearing in your case, you have failed to submit the documents listed in the motion. This may include partial submissions and illegible submissions.  In order to avoid the dismissal hearing, you must provide the complete missing documents at least 3 business days prior to the hearing. Documents can be submitted by email, fax, mail or drop box.

2004 Exams, Hearing requests filed by Attorneys, etc.

If a Trustee’s attorney has filed a motion for a 2004 exam, or another type of hearing, you must contact the attorney that filed the motion. If you have an attorney, your attorney must contact the Trustee’s attorney directly, or provide written permission to the Trustee’s attorney to talk to you directly.